Nature Park "Sargan - Mokra Gora" part includes mountain Tara, so that it borders with the National Park "Tara". It is located 210 km from Belgrade and 290 km from Nis. The nearest towns are Višegrad (25 km), Bjelovar (37 km) and Užice (45 km). Out of the Park is easily reached and to Zlatibor (40 km), Sirogojno (56 km), Zlatarsko jezero (73 km), the Special Nature Reserve "Uvac" (115 km).

  • The accommodation facilities in the nature park are located in:
  • Ethno-cultural and tourist complex Woodentown on Mećavnik directly above the main road to Visegrad
  • National Environmental Center "The Magic Mountain" at the site Šišatovac below Sharr tip, 9 km above Woodentown
  • Hotel "Mladost" in Iver, 8.5 km above Woodentown
  • Hotel "Eight" next to the railway station in Mokra Gora
  • Individual rural households

Nature park Šargan - Mokra Gora