The most important type of traffic for connecting Mokra Gora with other areas is the road traffic. The main highways connect Mokra Gora with Belgrade (210 km) and other major cities in Serbia, Montenegro, Republic of Srpska, and Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The closest cities are: Višegrad (25 km), Bajina Bašta (37 km) and Užice (45 km). Besides the major highways, a network of local roads is also significant for fast access to the major tourist resorts such as: Zlatibor (40 km), Sirogojno (56 km), lake Zlatar (73 km) and Nature reserve “Uvac” (115 km). 

The accommodation capacities in the Nature Park comprise as follows:

  •          Heritage village "Drvengrad" on Mećavnik, just above the main highway
  •          National ecological centre with the Hotel "Čarobni breg”, close to the highest peak Zborište (1544 m.a.s.l.), 9 km away from “Drvengrad”
  •          Hotel “Mladost" on Iver, 8.5 km away from “Drvengrad”
  •          Hotel "Šarganska Osmica" near the railway station in Mokra Gora
  •          A number of village households. 

Nature park Šargan - Mokra Gora