The manager of the Nature Park "Šargan – Mokra Gora" is the Limited Liability Company "Nature Park Mokra Gora“, founded by the Government of the Republic of Serbia ("Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia" No. 99/2005).

In keeping with the Law on Nature Conservation ("Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia" No. 36/2009), the manager of the protected area is obliged to, among other things, preserve, improve, and promote the protected area, implement the prescribed protection regimes, issue the management plan and the act on internal organization and guardian service, mark the protected area, guarantee the undisturbed course of the natural process and sustainable usage of the protected area, provide supervision over implementation of conditions and measures of nature protection, keep an eye on movements and activities of the visitors, keep evidence on natural assets, on human activities, actions, and processes that represent a threat factor to the protected area, prevent all activities and actions that are opposed to the act on protection and that represent a threat and devastation factor to the protected area, issue the act on reimbursements, and realise other activities consistent with the law and the act on protection.

Nature park Šargan - Mokra Gora