By its physical features, the Nature Park "Šargan – Mokra Gora" belongs to the Inner Dinarides, namely to the Old Vlach – Ras heights that build the western boundary of Serbia.

Besides its distinct bordering position, the valley of Mokra Gora has always been, owing to the presence of the "Šargan Gate", a significant crossroad of nations, cultures, and religions.

Today, the international major highway Е-761, which crosses Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia, passes through Šargan and Mokra Gora, connecting in this way the southeastern and the western Europe. Out of nine trans-European corridors that run through Serbia, the corridor E-761 passes from the Republic of Srpska to Serbia near the city of Višegrad, and further, across Mokra Gora, Užice, Čačak, Kraljevo, Kruševac, Paraćin, and Zaječar, toward Bulgaria and Romania.

The road corridor Е-763 and the railway Belgrade-Bar, as two most important traffic routes that connect the eastern part of central Europe, across Belgrade, Užice, Prijepolje, and Podgorica, with the coast of Montenegro, pass through Braneško Polje, at some 30 kilometres from Mokra Gora. These roads also represent a tourist route to Montenegro, and up to Braneško Polje, a tourist route to Dubrovnik, which connects Belgrade with the coast of Dubrovnik through Mokra Gora, Višegrad, and Trebinje.

The administrative borders of the Nature Park "Šargan – Mokra Gora" comprise parts of cadastre municipalities of Mokra Gora and Kremna within the municipality of Užice, parts of the cadastre municipality Semegnjevo within the municipality of Čajetina, as well as parts of the cadastre municipality Zaugline within the municipality of Bajina Bašta. 

Nature park Šargan - Mokra Gora