Older inhabitants of Mokra Gora remember wars and hard times, but many traditional festivities as well.

Large village fairs were held on the Day of St. John in autumn, the Day of Nativity of the Virgin Mary, and the Day of St. Elias. On these occasions, the villagers gathered and celebrated along with numerous guests from Šljivovica, Bioska, Kremna, Rastište, Zaovine, Dobrun, Vardište, Semegnjevo, and other neighbouring villages.

One of the nicest customs was the making of garlands from sticklewort before the Day of St. Peter. The garlands were made by girls, followed by young men and children who helped them. On the morning of St. Peter's Day, entire houses were decorated with these garlands, particularly stables and kaymak troughs.

On the Easter Carnival day, each hamlet in Martin Dol made a swing, on which young men and girls swung and competed in swinging.

On the morning of the Ascension Day, the village slava of Mokra Gora, Kršanj, and Kotroman, these villages were visited by cross-bearers. The ceremonial procession started from the Church of the Ascension in Kršanj, passed through neighbouring hamlets, and finished its march in the schoolyard in Mokra Gora, near the so-called Marko's Stone, next to a wooden cross that was placed there as a holy record.

Along with the procession of cross-bearers, the hamlets were traditionally visited by ceremonial procession of girls on the Day of St. Jeremy.

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