The cultural-tourist complex Drvengrad is situated on top of the hill Mećavnik, at the foothills of which is the village of Mokra Gora. The creator of this unique ethnic settlement is Emir Kusturica, who gained the inspiration for his unusual project while filming the movie "Life is a Miracle" in Mokra Gora. The construction of Drvengrad followed the idea of a perfect life beyond everyday routine, abandoned into the magic of nature and the call of tradition, keeping in the same time the links with the current moment. 

Authentic Old Vlach log cabins of this region were used to build Drvengrad. Many of them, several hundreds of years old, were deserted and exposed to the ravage of time. In order to make them functional again, they were transported in frames, restored, and put upon high stone supports, with basements adapted to the inclination of the terrain. 

The entire concept of Drvengrad rests on a rectangular square, the main axis of which is determined by the entrance gate and the position of the log church, which has a pagodal series of two-sloped roofs covered with shingle. Next to this small church, dedicated to St. Sava the construction of which is modelled after the old Russian log churches, there is a timber belfry that dominates the square along with the church.

The square "Diego Armando Maradona" is paved with wooden cubes and with cut wooden railway sleepers. From the square, one can go to the house and the library of Emir Kusturica, to the log cabins offering comfortable accommodation to the guests, to the subterranean cinema "Stanley Kubrick", the library "Meša Selimović", the gallery "Kapor", the souvenir shop "Aska", the national restaurant “Lotika", the candy shop "Kod Ćorkana", and the sports centre "Prokleta Avlija". In scope of the sports centre, there is the motel "Konak za Prenoćište", a restaurant, the covered swimming pool "Milorad Čavić", a fitness club, a sauna, a disco, a subterranean sports hall, and a studio. Immediately beneath Drvengrad, on the slopes of Mećavnik, there are two tennis terrains, as well as a fitness trail that runs down to the village of Mokra Gora.

Drvengrad is a place of many cultural events and the gathering place of numerous famous artists and athletes from all over the world.

Nature park Šargan - Mokra Gora